purple Lily flower

How we care more for the plants we provide to our clients

Before we even purchased a plant we have an idea of who’s pond it would be happiest in and how happy it would make that client.

purple Lily flower2
Bear root pickerel waterlily
What we get when you purchase a plant online

It's very difficult to ship a plant rooted in mud and receive it resembling anything close to how it looked when the box was closed.

pre-potted Lily2
What we get when you purchase from a local grower

This plant was potted by a aquatic plant grower the previous season before we purchased it then, we clean out any foreign plants such as, string algae duckweed etc. we then, re-pot it adding more soil fertilizing and grow it for an additional 3 to 4 weeks before delivering it to our clients.

Lily containers size
Commercial growers pot on the left Aquatic Artisans Inc growers pot on the right.

We make sure the plant is well established in our growing ponds before delivering them to you.

plant ready for client
Aquatic Artisans Plant Care

On arriving we rinse out the container and apply a thin coating of gravel being careful not to smother the plant to keep the soil in.